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Choose A Central Heating System

Choosing a central heating system can be daunting and any questions or doubts you have about the best system for your home should be discussed with your chosen supplier, or your central heating installer who must be Corgi registered. In the case of oil boilers this should be done by an Oftec registered engineer.

Central heating means heating from a central source, with most modern central heating systems using water as the medium to get heat from the central source (the boiler) to all the areas to be heated. The correct name for a boiler is a ‘heat generator’ as the water is not ‘boiled’ – the water actually peaks at 82 - 90°C. A lot of modern central heating systems are pressurised.

The size of boiler you choose for your central heating system is dictated by the output you require, which is measured in terms of radiators and hot water cylinders. In the past it was common practice to install oversized boilers to ensure it would heat a house adequately. As a result of this most boilers installed in homes before 1989 are as much as 30% oversized and consequently are a real drain on money as well as energy. Today boiler efficiency calculations are far more sophisticated.

There is no such thing as a standard central heating system. You can tailor the system to suit your individual needs and advanced controls such as digital thermostats mean that the system will be able to constantly monitor and adjust your heating, without you having to do anything.

Gas central heating is the most widely-used method of heating the home, but before you make any decisions about a new system it is important to decide what you want from your system, and speak to family and friends about the central heating systems they have and what they like/don’t like about it. Ask yourself if you want instant or stored hot water, mains pressure hot water; different zones heated independently, a more efficient boiler, and/or a boiler capable of being hidden away.

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