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Choosing A Central Heating Supplier

There are some important considerations and things to think carefully about when choosing your central heating supplier, which could save you falling into lots of potential pitfalls.

If you are having gas central heating installed always use a Corgi registered installer, this will often be a general plumber or a dedicated central heating specialist.

Be very clear and implicit about the details of the work you want carried out, including where you want the radiators to be placed, what type of boiler you want, whether you want digital thermostat controls and so on. Ensure that you have put down in writing the exact details of the work you want done and the amount of money you are willing to spend.

To ensure that you get the best deal it is important that you get a number of quotes detailing specifically the work that needs to be done and the price you will have to pay. It is important that you remember a quote is not a firm price and you need to ensure that your supplier keeps you informed if any changes are made.

Make sure that you choose a central heating supplier that specialises in the type and size of work you want carried out and check that they are insured.

Do not pay cash up front to your central heating supplier, instead ask for a fully itemised receipt and find out when full payment is due.

Get references from a central heating supplier, whether they are a plumber or a central heating installation specialist and follow them up to check their credentials.

Be extremely wary of traders who call on you unexpectedly offering you’re their services. Make sure you check them out before you offer them the work on your central heating system

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